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Deep Pressure versus Deep Tissue Work

A lot of clients request “deep tissue” treatment, when actually what I find they mean is that they prefer “deep pressure” versus a lighter touch.  Deep tissue work doesn’t necessarily mean the practitioner has to be heavy handed or dig in with the elbow.  In fact, with many therapies such as myofascial release, deep tissue work is done gradually so as to not create as much distress to the muscles, fascia and connective tissues.  The process is founded on the concepts of surrender and the path of least resistance rather than force.  I personally believe this is one of the most highly effective approaches.  I am able to go through several layers of muscles and promote longer lasting and more effective changes; changes that include breaking up of scar tissue, breaking up of adhesions, reshaping fascia and muscle tissue, and encouragement of better blood flow and lymphatic drainage.  Quite often the pain receptors housed within the fascia structures are where the underlying source of pain originates, where the nerve endings are.  I can dig deeply into the muscle tissue which might immediately feel best, but in my way of thinking, it might not always be most effective in long term healing.  Never be afraid to communicate with your therapist and always ask questions when it comes to your preferences and goals for your own personal healing process.  We learn how to better help and assist you through feedback, both from the muscle tissue and words spoken.   

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