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Healing Energy Sent and Received



You can send Distant Reiki Treatments to a loved one (animals included) or to yourself. This non-invasive technique is highly effective and helps calm, nurture, comfort, relax and heal. Scientific experiments are backing the notion that we can communicate telepathically and intervene energetically to promote better health. Some claim that actual water particles leave the body of the healer and are received into the body of the healee. Others claim it is purely "intent" and thoughts that instantaneously travel no matter the distance. Some call it prayer. Some have studied quantum healing and find design and assurances there. I personally love scientific proof, but both as a receiver and as a giver, Reiki continually defies my mental capacity and leads me into a more pure, intuitive based atmosphere.

Healing is such a beautiful, sacred journey that leads sometimes to cure, sometimes not. But the PROCESS always takes us into powerful lessons and teachings and helps us remember who we were before we came to Earth and who we will be long after. Reiki can carry you through and beyond.


Single Treatment - $60

Package of Four Consecutive Treatments (one per day) - $215

*you will receive a printed copy of a report of the treatment as felt from my end 

**Package of Four Consecutive Treatments is highly recommended for those suffering from chronic conditions

***a photograph is necessary before treatments can begin

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