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A client of mine told me when she visited Auschwitz recently she could feel "the echo" of souls there. I felt the same when I spent time at Ground Zero in the spring of 2002. Her comment made me think about how we all leave behind an echo of ourselves. And we can be intentional with our own echo and hugely impact our world. That is my focus and intent during each session - to bridge and reconnect people to themselves, to the Innate that heals from within, to their hopes and dreams and to their ability to heal. And I hope in some big or small way my echo is felt in their experience and beyond. I have adopted the principle of "praying in" those who are led to find this way. So if you're here, reading this, the work has begun in you and I am honored if I can assist. Be Aloha --- Be LOVE. That is the Mana Lomi way....


"Thanks to Rhonda's capable and caring therapies, I am a firm believer in the healing power of massage. I have experienced firsthand the benefits of therapeutic and deep tissue massage as well as Reiki. I have gone into a session with Rhonda experiencing pain in a specific locale ... and walked out with noticeable relief. It's a gift, and I'm blessed to be the recipient of that gift."  ~Marjie Foster, Consultant/Owner of Forte Marketing and PR

"I have been to Rhonda a couple of times and have benefited greatly from my visits with her. Her professionalism and expertise, the positive results I experienced after each session cause me to wish I lived closer so I could be a regular client! I especially appreciate Rhonda's attentive and genuine care." ~Elizabeth Bell, Retired Educator

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